ABOUT US “Project Sinplástico” started back in 2014 and is dedicated to helping people to reduce their plastic use and consumption by living a more sustainable lifestyle.

There are more and more people committed to this type of lifestyle change, and on the front line are the small (and not so small) eco healthy living stores who fight on a daily basis to offer their customers sustainable high quality products.

Therefore, our project could not be complete without taking into account, the need of these small businesses to easily find alternatives free of plastic and zero waste to offer their customers. From this need, our new plastic-free and zero waste wholesale website was born, SP ECO DISTRIBUTION. A distributor that allows its customers to offer high quality products in their individual stores.

Because without responsible businesses, there can be no responsible shopping.


  • High standards: we are very careful when selecting products and brands, to ensure we offer you quality products that are truly eco-friendly. We always check they have been produced under fair conditions and with respect for our environment.
  • Local businesses:as often as possible we give priority to products that are made nearby, in order to reduce our environmental footprint and strengthen the local economy.
  • Easy access:e have no minimum order quantities, buy only what you need, when you need it.
  • Zero waste:we deliver the merchandise in bulk, plastic-free and in reused & reusable boxes.
  • Fair Trade: we work to deliver fair prices both for you and your customers in-store, as well as for the people who work to manufacture our products.
  • Transparency: on our website you can find all the information you might need about our products in detail: descriptions, prices, how to use instructions, care instructions, packing and packaging specifications.
  • Flexible: thanks to your customer account you will be able to manage your orders and invoicing very easily.
  • After-sales customer service: ur team of professionals are here to help you with your order every step of the way. We always do our best to get back to you as quickly as possible.